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Finish This Sentence

The Best Part About Being a Mom Is …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. Want more? Go here to help us finish this month’s sentence and see how readers completed previous sentences.

Hugs—real heartwarming hugs, not virtual hugs.
Carolyn Golan, Bellville | San Bernard EC

Weed flowers and sticky kisses.
Deborah Jennings, Hawkins | Wood County EC

Getting to say, “Ask your dad.”
Mark Browning, Goodrich | Sam Houston EC

Mothers turn into grandmothers, and you can send the kids back home.
Marie Melgoza, Granbury | United Cooperative Services

Having your kids grow up into adults you’re very proud of who bear no resemblance to themselves as teenagers.
Ellen Patterson, Fate | Farmers EC

Knowing there is no way to be a perfect mom but a million ways to be a great mom.
Jo Lester, Wimberley | Pedernales EC

Feeling the love you gave to your children come back to you 10 times greater.
Gail Verner, Justin | CoServ

Looking at the grown man in front of you now, remembering when you held him in your arms for the first time, his first steps, playing with toy cars.
LaJean Bilbrey, Fairview | Grayson-Collin EC

Having fun and playing silly games with them, even when they are in their 30s and 40s.
Annette Stephens, Sycamore

When you hold the child of your child and realize you did something absolutely right.
Lynne Wickerham, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

After they are grown up with children of their own and come back home and tell you how much they appreciate everything that you did for them while growing up.
Miriam Rothkopf, Weslaco | Magic Valley EC

Having braggin’ rights on the kids’ accomplishments—and now the grandkids, too.
Lana Davis, Portland | Nueces EC

Creating life, watching it grow and loving it for the rest of one’s life.
Rose Corrales-Ortiz, Kyle | Pedernales EC

Receiving back all the love that I gave to them.
Joshalyn Pfeiffer, Port Lavaca | Victoria EC

The fruits of my labor.
Patti Vaughn, Buda | Pedernales EC

Unconditional love.
Dremma Haywood, Lone Oak | Farmers EC

Experiencing life through the eyes of my child.
Mary Johnson, Spring Branch | Pedernales EC

Being able to give my children the love and joys of life I missed out on.
Kathryn Nichols

Watching your daughter grow up to be a smart, caring and successful young adult.
Diana Brast, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

I get to be an empty nester along with my husband and be very proud of that. Best feeling ever.
Annie Stottler

The way she has made my heart smile since her birth.
Cassandra Camp, Austin | Pedernales EC

Having a son of whom I am very proud.
Judy Pickel

To see the kids doing things that you never thought they would do with their children and spouses and realizing that they thought it to be good idea.
Cindy Miller, Marion | Guadalupe Valley EC

One day you’ll also be a grandma (maybe)—best feeling ever.
Sally Zepeda

My son and watching him grow into a strong, responsible, funny, loving and compassionate young man.
Mary-Ellen Nichols, Liberty Hill | Pedernales EC

Watching my children as the wonderful parents they are.
Jan Filbin Smith

Being a grandma.
Barbara Bowley, Lubbock | South Plains EC

Having someone you love to share life with.
Peggy D. Haley

Hugs, laughter and conversation.
Jolie Allen

All the love I receive in return.
Nita Hilburn, Bryan | Bryan Texas Utilities

Nancy Webb Farmer

Being the adhesive to keep the family cohesive.
Alfred Wilson, Northlake | CoServ

Text from my son Allen.
Karion Hawkins

That it qualifies you to become a grandmother.
Joan Buzzard, Lakeway | Pedernales EC

My children.
Brett McCally Davis

That your kids grow up, get married and have grandkids.
Laura Smith, El Campo | Wharton County EC

Janna York Wood

Becoming a grandma.
Linda Henson, Kilgore | Rusk County EC

Seeing your kids happy.
Kat Lusk

The love in my heart when I think of them.
Donalie Beltran, May | CECA

Hearing your child’s thoughts and opinions, worries and joys at the end of the day—knowing they want for you to understand.
Lisa Keenan

Realizing how imperfect I am but still loved and trusted as if I am perfect.
Sylvia Parker, Leander | Pedernales EC

Watching your children grow up to be healthy, happy, successful, responsible, caring adults.
Dee Squirrell

Serving my amazing children.
Veronica Bryant, Emory | Farmers EC

Caring for my children, loving them and in return receiving their love.
Guadalupe Sanchez

Experiencing all the love and memories I give and receive from my child, her children and family members.
Dianne Wallace, Sanger | CoServ

The love you feel when your child comes to see you.
Jo Ann Allen

Watching your kids learn something new and then feeling proud of themselves for their accomplishment.
Patti Pulis, Kyle | Pedernales EC

The best part about being a mom is becoming a grandmother.
Carolyn Cloudt, Brazoria | Jackson EC

Watching your children grow up into independent, responsible and productive adults.
Sandi Wyss, Boerne | Pedernales EC

Watching your kids become amazing adults.
Donna Towery

Time with my children.
Aimee Burns, Crossroads | CoServ

Having adult children who now realize being a parent is doing the best you can with what you got right now.
Lisa Glenn, Austin and Port Aransas | Pedernales EC and Nueces EC

Watching your children become competent, compassionate and fulfilled adults.
Karen Brown Whiteside

Watching your children become amazing people and wanting to change the world—because you actually did something right.
Denise Cole, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

When your kids grow up and are such great adults.
Judy Ruud, Lantana

My grandchildren.
Dianne Small | Farmers EC

Becoming a grandma.
Vee Morgan, Natalia | Medina EC

The joy it gives. No amount of money can buy that.
Lois Cotterly, Boerne | Bandera EC

Watching your kids grow up to be best friends.
Sue Smith, Joaquin | Deep East Texas EC

That my two boys are 25 and 26, and I get to watch them being kind, courteous and productive citizens.
Maria Waterbury, San Marcos | Bluebonnet EC and Perdenales EC

Having a daughter who is an incredible mom.
Kay Reinke, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

Realizing how much your adult children still want to connect with you and share.
Dorthy Bright, Cameron | Heart of Texas EC

Being young enough to enjoy my six grown children, their mates, 22 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Patsy Kimbrell, Bryan | Bryan Texas Utilities

The realization that God has entrusted to your care and training a precious creation made in his image.
Barbara Stanford, Sherman | Grayson-Collin EC

Experiencing my children as adults telling me how right I really was.
Peggy Thomas, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

Watching your creation become wonderful human beings.
Margaret Hill

Seeing my three sons, whom I threatened to sell when they were young, grow up to be the most incredible men, husbands and fathers.
JJ Pizzi, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

Unconditional love.
Steve Lisa Boston

Living long enough to have and spoil grandkids.
Kathy Gillespie, Matador | Lighthouse EC

My children.
Brett McCally Davis

The rich interest you receive in your love account.
Armida Gonzalez, Corpus Christi | Nueces EC

When they come home to visit as adults.
David McGinnis

Being delighted and challenged by my three beautiful blessings.
Paige Perez, Bryan | Bryan Texas Utilities

Being a grandma.
Alesa Latham Sargent

Watching them grow and helping them bloom.
Azalea Aldinger

To become a grandmother.
Pedro Guerrero Luna

Janna York Wood

The powerful, unconditional love for my children that encourages me to see others through the eyes of their moms.
Reta Grohman

Hearing your words coming out of your adult child’s mouth—followed by “damn.”
Susan Weber