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A Favor for a Feathered Friend

Guadalupe Valley EC helps rescue tangled owl

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative teamed up with animal control to free an owl whose foot was tangled in a power line in Seguin. The cooperative de-energized the line, then GVEC lineman Chris Wilson escorted an animal control officer in a lift bucket to reach the bird, which was hanging upside down. The officer contained the bird while Wilson worked with the wire. The rescue took about 45 minutes.

The owl had some damage to its leg, although it was not broken, according to an expert at Last Chance Forever, a raptor rescue organization where the bird was taken for examination and recovery.

“Not many folks realize that wildlife encounters are characteristic of line work, so when they do happen, we take steps to do the right thing to care for the environment,” Tammy Thompson, GVEC manager of corporate communications and public relations, told the Seguin Gazette.