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Consider Rechargeable Power Tools

Battery-operated tools are handy around the house

If you like tackling home projects, adding a rechargeable or electric tool to your kit might be a welcome home gift.

Quality rechargeable cordless tools are usually less expensive if you buy them as part of a set instead of one tool at a time. Because each line of tools uses a unique battery, you can’t mix and match brands. So, it may cost less in the long run to buy a cordless starter kit with a few helpful tools and a battery, and then add tools to the set from the same brand as needed.

Here are a few cordless tools that you should consider:

Power drill. As one of the most-used power tools, a drill should be everyone’s first cordless tool. Using a corded drill can mean constantly moving the cord around furniture, other tools or your own feet, which can be dangerous. Cordless drills are easy to use, and the technology has improved so they have more power and hold a charge longer. Light-duty drills are smaller and less powerful but easy to use for smaller projects.

String trimmer. A string trimmer is a quick way to trim weeds and grass near walls, bricks and rocks. If your family uses an old gas trimmer around the yard, it’s time for a change. Two-stroke engines pollute and require regular maintenance. Electric trimmers are energy efficient and quiet. You can find various models between $50 and $150, and it’s worth paying a little more to get a highly rated model that will last longer.

Leaf blower. If you still use a gas-powered leaf blower, you can do yourself (and your neighbors) a favor by purchasing a cordless blower, which is energy efficient, lighter, and much quieter.

Chain saw. New versions have enough power to handle an 18-inch bar and cut through solid oak with ease. They are lighter than many gas saws, quiet enough to talk over, and they eliminate the hassles of a gas engine.

Flashlight. LED technology is amazing; Today’s LED flashlights can produce 20 times as much light as the old incandescent ones. And they come in a variety of options, from tiny keychain lights, to headlamps, to waterproof spotlights. A flashlight often comes as part of a cordless tool set, or you can buy a single unit that recharges using a USB port.

You might also consider a circular saw, power washer, multipurpose inflator, or lawn mower. These cordless gift ideas aren’t just for the experts. All DIY enthusiasts and beginners would enjoy any of these gifts and hopefully put them to good use.