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For Electric Cooperative Members
Web Extras

June 2020 Web Extras

Find exclusive online content from this issue

Several stories in the June magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content marked Web Extra.

We Brake for Queso
How did Tex-Mex come to be part of our vocabulary? It wasn’t meant to celebrate the cuisine, that’s for sure. Also, we asked our friends at electric co-ops around the state to share their favorite Tex-Mex destinations. Our map pinpoints more than 100 spots where you should brake for queso.

An Alternate Reality
A slideshow features additional photos of John Howard Griffin, who impersonated a black man in 1959 to try to understand racial attitudes in the South.

I Never Should Have Told My Parents …
That I could fix the toilet, so there was no need to hire a plumber. See what other responses we got as readers finished that sentence.

Focus on Texas: State Parks
Being there in person is the best, but our readers’ snapshots put you right there in some of Texas’ most scenic spots.

Orange Inspiration
Chet has a colorful visit to the Orange Show near the University of Houston. Check out the video.