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Finish This Sentence

My Most Unforgettable First Date Was …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

See how our readers finished that sentence, and remember to help us finish this month’s sentence.

With two different boys. They both showed up at the same time. Awkward.
Barbara Taliaferro, Springtown | Tri-County EC

With a girl who had to stop and go to the bathroom in the woods on the way home.
Jim Morrow, Highland Village | Coserv

My husband invited me to see his horses. We had fun cleaning stalls of manure; 43 years later still enjoying our horses.
Beverly Riley, Bells | Grayson-Collin EC

Dinner at Cokin’s Diner.
Judy Pickel

In college at Texas A&I University when I stopped to console a guy who one of my friends had broken up with the night before. He asked me out, and the rest is history. We celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary February 4.
Martha Jo Whitt, Gonzales | Guadalupe Valley EC

When I was 16 and my friend and I went on a double blind date. My friend hopped in the front seat with the driver, and I hopped into the back seat with the other boy. Without saying a word, halfway through the date, we switched boys. I got in the front seat with the driver, and she hopped in the back seat with her new date. Forty-eight years later, I am still in the front seat with that driver—my husband!
Jill Weiland, Georgetown | Pedernales EC

It was the first day of school—new jeans, stiff as a board; new shoes, Keds, I’m sure; and a brand new Big Chief tablet and cigar box with crayons and jumbo No. 2 pencils. As I walked out the door to walk the two miles up hill into the wind … you know the story … there she was, in her mother’s arms. She was wearing the prettiest pink onesie I ever saw. I was smitten! As I turned to walk the two miles … you know … I said to myself, “She’s the one.” I was right; 40 years later, she still is!
Steve Horrell, Hereford | Deaf Smith EC

When I sampled this then-unknown-to-me exotic, at least by Texas standards, fruit they called a date. I was in high school at the time, which I regret to say was many years ago. Despite those years, I still fondly remember that first date. It was so delicious and tasty that I have had many more since.
W. Grant Braly, Cheapside | Guadalupe Valley EC

February 12, 1973. I was a senior in high school, and my date was a freshman. How could I forget our first date? We never dated anyone else again, and we’ve been married 45 years.
Conrad Navarro, Cibolo | Guadalupe Valley EC

Very “slobbery.” I was 16; my date was 17. He ended the date by giving me a French kiss. Neither of us knew what we were doing. Slobber was everywhere! I was so embarrassed and came in the house crying. My mother asked what was wrong. When I told her, she busted out laughing and said, “Oh honey, it will get better. I promise.”
Karen Murphy, Dallas | Trinity Valley EC

I was spending the night with my friend. Another friend came by with two extra airmen and asked if we wanted to go to a movie. Not crazy about blind dates, but we went to the movie. After we got back to my friend’s house, I told her I would marry that young airman. She said I was dreaming. We will celebrate our 54th anniversary October 7. Very memorable first date.
Glenda Gschnell, Godly | United Cooperative Services

In about 1959 when I was 17, lived in Temple and attended Temple High School. My friend Sonny Wilkes located a couple of cute twin girls, and we double-dated driving his modified Model A to Belton to pick them up. Took in a movie and a soda and dropped them off at home before their 11 p.m. curfew.
Lee Kinard, Burnet | Pedernales EC

On my first date with Joe Cash, April 1964. He had just gotten out of the Army. His car broke down, and he couldn’t call me (we had no phone). Naturally, I thought he stood me up! He stopped at an Exxon gas station in my hometown of Crosby. He didn’t have the money for the repair. They asked him who he had a date with. He said Doris Kubin. They said, “She’s from a good family. You can pay tomorrow.” The pleasure of living in a small town.
Doris Cash, Pointblank | Sam Houston EC

A blind date with my now husband of 24 years on February 14. He came to my house in DeSoto to pick me up on a Sunday afternoon. It was for-sure a connection right off.
Dremma Haywood, Lone Oak | Farmers EC

Full of joy, love and happiness; has never ended; and has become a wonderful and loving marriage with my wonderful and loving spouse.
Marilyn Smith, Granite Shoals | Pedernales EC

July 23, 2011. My date (now my husband) promised there would be low lights, soft music and lots of flowers—which were all provided at the funeral home.
Fran Lane-Hall, Junction | Pedernales EC

In 1966 when I was a sophomore and he was a senior in high school. My dad met him at the door with a .45 revolver and asked him, “What are your intentions toward my daughter?” Dad was kidding about using the gun, of course—I think!
Linda Ashmore Adcock

Actually my very first date ever. My cousin fixed me up with his girlfriend’s little sister. It was 1966. I was 14 and had just bought a pair of cool plaid bell bottom pants and was eager to wear them. Everything was going great until I hunkered over that pool table and heard my new pants rip wide open—in a not so cool place. I can still hear those pants ripping, and we didn’t have a second date.
Robert Walters, Groesbeck | Navasota Valley EC

I was so excited, and I had mother buy me a new pair of shoes and I was dressed and ready with my new shoes on, and he canceled and went out with someone else.
Susan Etheredge, Luling | Bluebonnet EC

My first date ever, at the Bellaire movie theater, where I took her to see Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock. Me against Elvis? What was I thinking?
Mike Flake, Brenham | Bluebonnet EC

I moved to Oklahoma after graduating from high school in Nebraska. I had been there for five miserable weeks when a friend I met at business college invited me on a double-date with her brother, whose date couldn’t make it. Three years later I married her date!
Dana Nance, Haslet | Tri-County EC