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Hit the Road With Chet Garner

True Texploration

See all the places Chet has visited with Texas Co-op Power

Texans have known great partnerships throughout Lone Star history: Goodnight and Loving, Waylon and Willie, and now Texas Co-op Power and Chet Garner, the Daytripper. Share in the excitement as Chet explores Texas backroads to discover the out-of-the-way curiosities and colorful characters that make our state unique.

Talkin’ Texas

See Chet’s stories on the pages of Texas Co-op Power each month or enjoy a video of the trip on Take Chet’s advice and hit the road yourself. You’ll find a new appreciation for the great state of Texas.

Catch up on all the places Chet has visited:

Face to Face With History
Chet looks into the mystery of the Malakoff Man at the Pearce Museum.

We Brake for Steak
Chet wants to see for himself that he’s stumbled upon “the best little steakhouse in Texas” in Leona.

Breaking News
Chet finds Unchartered Adventures in Kyle.

Carried Treasure
Chet wades through acres of stuff at the World’s Largest Flea Market in Canton.

Doing Time
Join Chet’s captivating visit to Brownwood and its history.

Texas’ Heartbeat
Chet sees life as the first Texians did in Sealy.

Moment’s Notice
Chet checks out the capitol of a long-ago nation in Laredo.

Art and Parts
Chet visits Terry “Tunes” Parks in Liberty Hill to discover what old toys turn into.

Kid Stuff
The mysteries of Billy the Kid’s life and death take Chet to Hico.

Puffy Taco Trailblazer
Chet learns how to make a puffy taco disappear at the legendary Ray’s Drive Inn in San Antonio.

Mysterious Markings
Chet visits the tribal meeting ground along the Concho River at what is now called Paint Rock.

Extracurricular Activities
Raise your hand if you want to join Chet as he discovers how Farm Ale Brewing turned an old schoolhouse into a brewhouse and gathering spot.

One Weird Wonder
See more of the clutter that makes Chet’s heart flutter during his tour of Austin’s Cathedral of Junk.

Kilgore’s Kickers
Chet’s style might not be precisely what the Kilgore Rangerettes look for in a dancer.

Underwater Wonderland
Chet finds a variety of sunken treasures below the surface of Mammoth Lake Texas.

Meteoric Fall
You could say the crater near Odessa, created when a meteorite smashed into Earth some 62,000 years, made quite an impression on Chet.

‘Lonesome’ in a Library
Chet hitches his wagon to the pack heading to Texas State University and the Lonesome Dove permanent exhibit.

Important Entry
Chet tries to imagine a quiet spot on Matagorda Bay as one of Texas’ largest cities and the destination port for many 19th-century European immigrants.

Afterlife Sentence
Chet visits El Paso, where John Wesley Hardin remains behind bars even in his grave.

A Raw Deal
Chet adds parisa, a Medina County delicacy, to a growing list of unfamiliar foods he has tried in his travels around Texas.

Toe Tappin’ in Turkey
Chet has fun fiddlin’ around in Bob Wills’ tranquil hometown of Turkey.

Oodles of Oompahs
Chet takes in the polka grooves that resonate in Fayette County.

Gulf Boast
Chet channels some of Janis Joplin’s cosmic blues at the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur.

Heaven Beyond Hell’s Gate
Chet didn’t have to leap from the towering, sheer Hell’s Gate cliffs to stir his adrenaline.

Creeping Along
Chet was brave enough to visit the eerie Ghost Road. How about you?

Eruption Evidence
A volcano in Texas? Chet has to see this for himself.

Something Fishy
Lampasas sculpture garden gets feet—and minds—meandering.

Swinging Through Time
The Regency Bridge is the state’s last drivable suspension bridge.

Chomping at the Trip
Beaumont’s Gator Country gives travelers a taste of the wild side.

A Glimpse of Buddy Holly
Lubbock museum honors native son’s enduring musical legacy.

Faux Chic, for Sure
Like a desert mirage, Prada Marfa perplexes.

A Jaw-Dropping Collection
A Seguin museum’s nutcracker compendium honors the pecan.

A West Texas Gem
Stroll with Chet down the historic streets of the West Texas town of San Angelo.

The Grove’s Groove
Does Chet encounter anybody from the other side at the Grove, the most haunted house in Jefferson?

La Grange’s Tribute
Chet admires the ruins of the impressive operation that was Kreische Brewery, and he ponders the fate of Texians who lost their lives in clashes with Mexican soldiers.

Head Honcho
Chet isn’t sure he sees eye to eye with the cow head in front of him at Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que in Brownsville.

A Serious Undertaking
Chet considers life’s grave realities as he tours the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston.

Deep Dip
Chet explores the iconic Jacob’s Well outside Wimberley and ponders the mysteries of the centuries-old gathering spot.

Used Cars
Chet has his eyes on a collection of antique Cadillacs. Stroll with him as he considers giving one a paint job.

Heart of the Matter
Chet likes to be in the middle of things. In this case, he’s literally looking for the exact middle of Texas, and he finds it.

Where Artistry Congregates
Czech and German painted churches in Central Texas are sparkling shrines.

Upscale Lodging
Chet gets hooked, like so many tarpons did in the Gulf of Mexico, when he steps into the Tarpon Inn’s lobby in Port Arthur.

Ghost Town Hangout
It’s a long way from anywhere to Terlingua, but it doesn’t take Chet long to discover that nothing about the place is a bore.

Road Trip Relics
While cruising the Mother Road, Chet pulls off into a previous century and visits the U-Drop Inn Café in Shamrock.

Matagorda Island Lighthouse
Chet takes a selfie with the 1852 Matagorda Island lighthouse.

Fronds in High Places
Chet manages to lose himself in the sights and sounds of the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, which provides habitat for dozens of birds, including not-to-be-ignored chachalacas.

Mysterious Message
Chet takes in the wonders of the rock art at White Shaman Preserve that was created thousands of years ago, including the namesake White Shaman figure.

Something’s Fishy Here
Chet almost forgot about the haunted surroundings at Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie as he enjoyed some of the best catfish he’s ever had.

Orange Inspiration
Orange is the new Chet at Houston’s Orange Show.

Spirits of Seguin
Chet visits the haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin—but he’s not alone when he does.

Dark Landmark
Dead Man’s Hole near Marble Falls remains as a grim reminder of Civil War brutality.

Sharpening My Knowledge
Chet learned a lot about barbed wire, which changed the frontier prairie forever, at the Devil’s Rope Museum in McLean. How much of what he learned will stick?

The Height of Deceit
Chet gets to the bottom of the story behind the world’s littlest skyscraper by climbing all the way to the top—all four stories.

Must See Sequel
Chet visits Stonehenge II in Ingram with hopes of being blessed by the power of the sun.

Camp Street Blues
Chet learns about the history of Camp Street in Crockett and visits with Pipp Gillette, cowboy storyteller and picker, at a remnant of the town’s musical past.

Stopping by the Stagecoach
Chet admires the tasty Texas cooking and historic accommodations at the renovated Stagecoach Inn in Salado.

Team Spirit
A football field in San Saba, built over a cemetery, has a lively history.

Wink’s Spectacle
A dot on the map in West Texas boasts keepsakes from Roy Orbison’s career.

Fun in the Past Tense
Odd, fascinating collection at the Frontier Times Museum in Bandera makes for memorable visit.

What Lies Beneath
Buffalo Bayou’s forgotten cistern returns to public life.

Lowly Activities in Arlington
Top O’ Hill Terrace was a tearoom atop an underground gambling hideout.

Higher Education
An inspiring desk perched on Hancock Hill overlooks Sul Ross State University in Alpine.

Bible-Powered Flight
The Ezekiel Airship may have made man’s first flight in 1902 near Pittsburg.