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Web Extras

February 2019 Web Extras

Find exclusive online content from this issue

Several stories in the February magazine feature Web Extras, with additional information and photos available online. Here are links to stories where you’ll find web-exclusive content in videos, slideshows with images and sidebars marked Web Extra.

Hail the Halls
Care to dance? Couples take to the floor at dance halls from Orange to El Paso and from Anson to San Benito. Find the ones nearest you on our map featuring 130 halls still in use. Plus, see more photos from our featured dance halls.

Convictions and Concrete
George Ellis Ray, the folk artist who created Ray’s Ornamental Gardens in Stephenville, was fond of spreading his homespun philosophy, such as these ideas excerpted from a self-published book.

The Bugs That Make You See Red
Royalty turned to the deep blue sea to find purple dye for their imperial robes.

Cozy Casseroles
Each month in 2019 we’ll feature Retro Recipes, dishes from past issues of the magazine that Food Editor Paula Disbrowe tweaks and updates for current tastes. Check out the original Lone Star Casserole recipe and the page that featured it in April 1965.

A Close-Up With Nature
Check out more photos from our visit to the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center in Corpus Christi.

75th Anniversary Timeline: Sports
We gathered many more events and milestones than we could fit in the magazine. Check out what else made headlines over the years, from Babe to Lance.