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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

I Remember When a Dollar Could Buy …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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A large soda, large French fries order and a hamburger big as a hubcap.
Joe Treviño Jr., Bartlett EC | Killeen

A day at the State Fair of Texas.
Brenda Webb, Grayson-Collin EC | Gunter

Three watermelons on the side of Highway 281 south of San Antonio.
Darrel Miller, Pedernales EC | Lago Vista

A gallon of gas.
Lisa Althaus, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

A gallon and a half of gasoline.
Toni Eubanks, Bryan Texas Utilities | Millican

Two gallons of gas.
Mike Finnell, Wood County EC | Mineola

Three gallons of gasoline.
Anthony Murphy, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland

3.2 gallons of regular gasoline.
Paul Leatherwood, J-A-C EC | Jacksboro

Four gallons of gasoline.
Mary Anne Thurman, Fannin County EC | Honey Grove

Five gallons of gas.
Mickey Turnbo, Hamilton County EC | Hico

5.2 gallons of gas. Gas was at 19 cents a gallon.
Jim Neumann, Victoria EC | Victoria

Five and a half gallons of gasoline in 1966.
Gary L. Morris, Guadalupe Valley EC | Stockdale

Six gallons of gasoline.
Miles Jaroska, Farmers EC | Sulphur Springs

7.14 gallons of gasoline.
Kirk Lewis, Bailey County EC | Muleshoe

Eight gallons of gasoline and still get four cents back in change.
Charlie Geller, Concho Valley EC | San Angelo

Eleven gallons of gas during gas wars in the late ’60s.
Ralph Jones, United Cooperative Services | Morgan

Half a tank of gas.
Ken and Judy Selph, CoServ | Sanger

Enough gas for us to ride around our little town (Weimar) all Sunday afternoon listening to the radio.
Theresa Mazoch Phinney, Bryan Texas Utilities | College Station

Lunch, 95 cents plus tax.
Loyd Owen | Via Facebook

Ticket to two feature movies, a serial, two cartoons, popcorn and a candy bar.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

One hundred beer barrels or 4 gallons of gasoline or four cokes in glass bottles, before adding the taxes if applicable.
Stacy Robinson | Via Facebook

Gum, candy and a big saltwater dill pickle.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

A box of 24 Hershey bars.
Shirley Albrecht | Via Facebook

A movie, popcorn AND a soda.
Debby Lankford, Houston County EC | Apple Springs

Ten pinball games.
Momsie McGirk | Via Facebook

A gallon of gas (1976), a Hershey bar and a canned coke, and I would still have 10–15 cents left over.
Dala Burk, Wise EC | Decatur

A week’s worth of groceries for our frugal, single, working mom and her four kids.
Fred Sawtelle | Via Facebook

Three hamburgers. As seniors in high school, we’d gather at a house across the street in Falfurrias for three-for-a-dollar burgers and share with a friend if they didn’t have lunch money.
Imelda N. Garza, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

A Burger King Whopper.
Mir Lewis | Via Facebook

Four eager boys a ticket to the movies.
Christene Watts, Pedernales EC | Florence

A gallon of milk, loaf of bread and a box of cereal.
John and Lynne Robinson, Central Texas EC | Ingram

Thirty-three first-class Liberty Bell postage stamps and get a penny in change.
Tony Dennis, Pedernales EC | Wimberley

A haircut and a quarter-pound Baby Ruth.
John Carmichael, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

Four large avocados. Now they’re $1.98 EACH.
Sandy Chapa, Pedernales EC | Leander

Three pounds of hamburger.
Doris Ritchey, PenTex Energy | Lake Kiowa

Seven hot dogs or four hamburgers at Mrs. Pete’s Cafe in Port Aransas after a long day’s surfing.
Todd Maddox, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake

Three chili cheese dogs at Der Wienerschnitzel.
Linda Stephenson, Cherokee County EC | Bullard

An hour of my time for an employer.
Jim Turner, Karnes EC | Somerset

Twenty bottles of Coke.
John McAnelly, Medina EC | Hondo

A Big Red and a Twix out of the candy machine at school.
Justin Proffitt, United Cooperative Services | Cleburne

Enough candy to make me sick.
Steve Yates, Pedernales EC | Wimberley

Two Lone Star longnecks at the Dixie Chicken in College Station.
Dick Frazier, United Cooperative Services | Stephenville

Four Little Golden Books for children.
Nelda Barger Childs, Navasota Valley EC | Teague

A hardback Nancy Drew mystery book.
Sandy Wilkerson, CoServ | Prosper

A gallon of gas—and how outraged I was that it took a 20 dollar bill to fill up my big Ford LTD sedan. Those were the good old days that will never be again.
Jamie Crisp, South Plains EC | Lubbock

Ten minutes on a long-distance telephone call.
Dennis and Jean Bybee, Sam Houston EC | Huntsville

Two hours of babysitting.
Glenda Torrence, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

A loaf of white bread and a friendly smile from the checker.
Kandace Klabuhn, Guadalupe Valley EC | Schertz

Ten large York Peppermint Patties.
Robin Mascari, Tri-County EC | Fort Worth

Two coloring books, a new box of colors, a set of jacks, and a bag of plastic cowboys and horses.
Donna Wynn, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

A large cheeseburger, large fry, large shake, a nickel for the jukebox and a swiveling stool to sit on.
Duane Musgrave, Trinity Valley EC | Malakoff

Four large cantaloupes.
Cindy Jones, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

A Dr Pepper and a package of Ding Dongs for lunch.
Andrea Murdock-McDaniel, Greenbelt EC | Shamrock

A kite to fly in the sky.
Charlie Moore, United Cooperative Services | Cleburne

A “neat” pair of tennis shoes.
Jane Patterson, Bowie-Cass EC | Texarkana

An hour’s worth of babysitting service.
Stephanie Diaz, United Cooperative Services | Burleson

Two cokes, two bags of chips, then we’d return the two empty coke bottles, get a nickel for each and buy gum.
Jorge Ibarra, Magic Valley EC | San Perlita

A 45. I spent my money on records back then.
Kim Richey, Concho Valley EC | Irion County

Five burgers at the newly opened Jack in the Box across the street from the English Department building at North Texas State University. As a freshman in 1961 with a teen’s voracious appetite and an extremely high metabolic rate, I could do that on a daily basis and never gain a pound.
Cecil Lavern Hale, J-A-C EC | Bowie

Four banana splits.
Lora and Jay Weber, Pedernales EC | San Marcos