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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

It’s Been So Long Since I …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Listened to the red wolves howl in answer to a sawmill steam whistle.
Waymon Vest, Houston County EC | Crockett

Caught fireflies in a jar.
Wanda Lovelace, Tri-County EC | Weatherford

Hopped across the sun-warmed, deep furrows of a freshly plowed cotton field.
Diann Stovall, CECA | Zephyr

Dialed a rotary telephone.
Rebecca Vance, Wood County EC | Mineola

Drank from a garden hose.
DuWayne Albrecht, CoServ | McKinney

Ran to a neighborhood ice cream truck.
Jackie Hatfield, Central Texas EC | Llano

Finished your sentences, dear.
Angel Gorka, CECA | May

Packed snow in my mom’s stewpot and watched her pour hot maple syrup over our “snow cone.”
Kit Vaughn, Pedernales EC | Liberty Hill

Have been startled by a covey of quail.
Tommy Hoyler, United Cooperative Services | Hico

Really, really got to relax.
Bill Beck, Tri-County EC | Azle

Was able to do backbends and cartwheels.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

Climbed a tree and had fun sitting in it.
Penny Haulman, Tri-Country EC | Granbury

Have been young and carefree—no bills, no pain.
J.M. Cherry, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

Played with horny toads anytime I wanted.
Margaret Segovia Holifield, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake

Was a winner in the “Finish This Sentence” contest.
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

Hand-cranked homemade vanilla ice cream.
Kathy Vaughn, Central Texas EC | Kingsland

Have seen young people in church.
Otis Linam, Victoria EC | Victoria

Had a week that didn’t have a doctor’s appointment.
Gary Galloway, Tri-County EC | Weatherford

Have seen or heard Christmas carolers go house to house.
Lisa Holloway Fitzsimmons | Via Facebook

Quit drinking soda that I can’t remember the last time I had one.
Nicole Childs, Cherokee County EC | Tyler

Had a party line.
Lucille Kirkham, Pedernales EC | Wimberley

Saw a horny toad or a bobwhite quail.
Tommy Harris, Trinity Valley EC | Athens

Snuggled in my big bed, one cutie-pie young son on my left, another on my right, reading Goodnight Moon at bedtime.
Edward Fields, Tri-County EC | Keller

Escaped into the seascape.
Raeleen Cummins Vieyra, Bandera EC | Bandera

Went to a Thanksgiving Day parade in downtown Big H and later ate a James Coney Island hot dog.
Roland Contreras, Bluebonnet EC | Burton

Drew water from a well.
Ethel Virgin, Farmers EC | Campbell

Got up from the couch and walked across the room to change TV channels.
Richard Bosart, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

Saw Burma-Shave road signs.
Susan Merrill, Hamilton County EC | Kempner

Was in a crowd and not cared nor worried about how fast I could return to complete solitude as recommended in the COVID-19 era.
Teri Bates, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

Have seen fireflies. What fun was had running around the backyard in the dark to capture them in a jar (and then let them go).
Andy Magee, Bandera EC | Kerrville

Have seen a horny toad when my dad told me and my brother to go re-stack the wood pile.
Ronnie Estes, PenTex Energy | Valley View

Have seen a scissortail sitting on a fence line.
Ronny Hicks, Bowie-Cass EC | Maud

Have seen the kindness we used to have in our beautiful world.
Georganna Sekula, Pedernales EC | Kyle

Did the Twist at the EM club, Naval Air Station Chase Field in Beeville.
Betty Berry, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Dug my own fishing worms or caught a grasshopper to use for bait to fish in the creek.
Nancy Walker, Pedernales EC | San Leanna

Have gone fishing with my daddy using a cane pole at Grapevine Lake. Fish trembled when they heard his name.
George Yarbrough Jr., Victoria EC | Goliad

Have had a bath.
Katherine Newell, Pedernales EC | San Marcos