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Finish This Sentence

I Feel Patriotic When …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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My 91-year-old mom tells how her father kissed the ground as soon as he got off the boat at Ellis Island in 1907.
Stella Josephine, Bandera EC | Bandera

A new American tells me how happy she is to be here.
Ryan Reed, Grayson-Collin EC | Van Alstyne

I walk into any VA clinic or hospital. Patriotic and humbled.
Terri Allen, United Cooperative Services | Palo Pinto County

I hear our national anthem, I see an American flag, I meet a veteran.
Mike Walker, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake

My 2-year-old nephew dead stops anywhere when he hears the national anthem and puts his hand over his heart.
Doug Smith, Bluebonnet EC | String Prairie

I see that grand old flag.
Jean Altman, HILCO EC | Aquilla

When I see wounded warriors roll by at July 4 parades.
Sherryion Lane, MidSouth EC | Huntsville

Freedom is celebrated.
Inocencia S. Martinez, Magic Valley EC | Mercedes

I see our flag proudly waving.
Sandra Wilson-Rhodes, Farmers EC | Caddo Mills

Honoring those who sacrificed their time for our freedoms, both living and deceased.
Georgia Taylor | Via Facebook

I see our flag waving and people standing for patriots, and when saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Deborah Miller, Cherokee County EC | Cushing

When taps is played.
Richard Eisenbrei, Grayson-Collin EC | Fairview

I see our beautiful American flag proudly displayed. I am a retired USAF major, and when I see our Stars and Stripes, I put my hand over my heart and say, “I pledge allegiance to thee under God” as I am doing my daily walk in my neighborhood (which has many military veterans and patriots who fly our flag proudly—so I say my pledge a lot) or driving.
Susan Youngblood, Guadalupe Valley EC | Schertz

I see my discharge and medals from the USMC and Vietnam hanging in the hallway at home.
John T. Moore, Bluebonnet EC | Paige

I see a soldier saluting the flag.
Linda Stevens, Trinity Valley EC | Kaufman

Noncitizens who are visiting acknowledge the great qualities of this country.
Sonny Galindo, Tri-County EC | Granbury

An honor guard and soldiers salute a veteran’s family at a cemetery.
Regena Collier | Via Facebook

I see the American flag and know I am in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Aline Broussard, Deep East Texas EC | Burkeville

I’m wearing my red, white and blue dress, standing in my church choir loft singing America as they walk in with the flag.
Susan Pugh, Navarro County EC | Red Oak

I wake up every morning in the best country on Earth.
Frank Palmer, Trinity Valley EC | Canton

I hear Lee Greenwood sing God Bless the USA.
Melba Ingram, Lamar Electric | Clarksville

I see a marching band and hear them playing patriotic songs and flying flags. My heart swells with thankfulness and my eyes brim with tears.
Junie Taylor, Bluebonnet EC | Somerville

I hear our national anthem.
Marilyn Robertson, Wood County EC | Quitman

I do something to help someone in need.
Jim Fairchild, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

I look at my nephew, Clint Trial, USMC retired. He lost both legs when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in January 2019. He is an inspiration and a true hero.
Jennifer Rieck, Medina EC | Rio Medina

I drive down Milam Street in Columbus on any given day.
Susan Hargrove, San Bernard EC | Columbus

I have the privilege/duty to vote.
Nancy James, CoServ | McKinney

Everyone stands as a young lady rides on horseback into the rodeo with the American flag.
Gary Boyd, Pedernales EC | Spring Branch

I see or read anything dealing with our military men and women, past or present.
Ginger Anderson, Comanche EC | May

I sing Neil Diamond’s America.
Lupe Bernal, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

I hear The Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance sung and recited by elementary students.
Henry Ager, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

Communities come together in the wake of natural disaster and other uncontrollable events. Seeing people rally together to help one another reminds me that we live in the best nation in the world.
Kiley Bullard, Pedernales EC | Canyon Lake

I shake the hand of a veteran and simply say, “Thank you.”
Laurie Pustka, Nueces EC | Victoria

I fly the American flag in honor of my dad, who served.
Jeanette West, Victoria EC | Victoria

I fly my flag and wear red, white and blue.
Lidia Mendez, South Plains EC | Ralls

I see my family in their military uniforms (veteran husband, son-in-law and grandsons).
Barbara Smith, Big Country EC | Sweetwater

The fans at a baseball game sing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch.
Christopher Scott, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

My 85-year-old Army veteran dad keeps up with all the days on the calendar to fly the American flag in his front yard.
Barbara Charbula | Via Facebook

I can go out on my front porch at sunrise and thank God I am a free American woman.
Margaret Carter, PenTex Energy | Valley View

I see a military veteran in a wheelchair, trying to stand and salute the passing American flag at any event.
Robert Farley | Via Facebook

I eat a hot dog.
Kelly Christofferson, Fayette EC | Muldoon

I hear the elementary students at the school I work at say the pledge to the American and the Texas flags each morning.
Dala Burk, Wise EC | Decatur

I drive down Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi in September and see 1,000 U.S. flags flying along the bayfront.
Margaret Ann Kennedy | Via Facebook

Talking with my 100-year-old dad, a World War II vet and former POW in Germany.
Bill Brockmeier, Pedernales EC | Bulverde

I see and hear military aircraft in the sky.
Lynn M. Breitinger, Tri-County EC | Bowie

I hear the national anthem.
James Connealy, Navasota Valley EC | Bryan

I see the mounted riders carrying our flag in the rodeo parade. Or any parade for that matter.
Jackie Hatfield, Central Texas EC | Llano

An 8-year-old young man walks up to me, an 85-year-old, in H-E-B with my Vietnam veteran ball cap on and thanks me for my service.
Eugene A. Beyer, Pedernales EC | Johnson City

Seeing a “there is a God” sunset.
Bill Beck, Tri-County EC | Azle