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For Electric Cooperative Members

Our Favorite Stories of 2023

The staff of Texas Co-op Power shares its picks

It took 10 days before Joshua, once a wild mustang, allowed Salye Coles to touch his neck.

Dave Shafer

Stable Futures, January

I adored kicking off the year with Stable Futures. Margaret Buranen’s tender writing alongside Dave Shafer’s brilliant photography tugs on your heartstrings. It’s truly a compelling and heartwarming piece for animal lovers.

Caytlyn Calhoun, digital media specialist


A pitcher plant awaits its next meal.

Dave Shafer

Caught Cuisine, February

Another reason to visit East Texas’ lush Big Thicket: Four of the five carnivorous plants native to North America can be found there. Pam LeBlanc takes you along on her search as only she can.

Chris Burrows, editor


Colorful folk art style illustration with woman facing thorny vines that form a maze

Chanelle Nibbelink

Crawling With Trouble, May

The essays at the back of the magazine should walk readers through a memory or a moment of insight. This one has us on our belly, wondering if we should trust the writer. Indeed, we should.

Tom Widlowski, associate editor


Surfers arrive at the beach on South Padre Island.

Kenny Braun

Surf Your Turf, May

I love the spotlight on surfing Texas beaches because it is a bit unexpected—combining nature, recreation and travel. These are the types of stories that get me out of my armchair and wanting to explore!

Grace Fultz, print production specialist


Kristi takes her turn on the big swing.

Julia Robinson

‘I Love All the Love Here,’ July

First and foremost, it was a very well-written story with wonderful photography about a vital Texas resource. But even more than that, the response from readers who were moved and called to action to volunteer and donate made this more than just a story—it became a movement.

Alex Dal Santo, assistant production manager


Montana brother-sister duo Brigid and Johnny Reedy rehearse before one of their sessions at the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine. Their stirring vocal harmonies left audiences spellbound that weekend in February.

Dave Shafer

‘Its Own Sweet Sound,’ November

This story celebrates Texas musical and spoken-word traditions that enthrall audiences and inspire participants of all ages.

Jane Sharpe, senior designer