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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Wittliff’s Riches

The Wittliff Collections took us by total surprise [‘Lonesome’ in a Library, March 2023]. What a gem! This museum within a beautiful campus library offers surprisingly rich, diverse exhibits.

Sara Dunn, Pedernales EC | Wimberley


We had a Lonesome Dove party 30 years ago. Everyone had to dress as their favorite character of the miniseries/book. My husband dressed as Augustus McCrae, and I dressed as the stone-throwing Janey. My mother dressed as Peach and carried a live chicken under her arm.

Susan Mansell, Coleman County EC | Ballinger


Allies in Aging

A Pet Project [March 2023] resonated perfectly. I have an 18-year-old black beauty named Rhiannan. She was my wife’s loyal companion until my wife passed away over five years ago and has since become very needy and close to me. She is skin and bones but eats well and fortunately does not appear to be in any distress or pain.

I am 82 myself, so we are dealing with aging together. I hope to outlive her so she won’t have to suffer.

Charles L. Glisan, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park


Lauren Spanihel-Wahlberg helps move the cattle off Matagorda Island.

Erich Schlegel

Readers on a Roundup

Kudos to Eric Schlegel for his excellent photography and capturing the voices of the Huebner Bros. Cattle Co. cowhands in this fascinating story [Until the Cows Swim Home, March 2023].

As readers we felt we were moving across the Matagorda and Colorado waters, past the snakes, onto the island and back to the ranch.

Martha Everman Jones, Victoria EC | Victoria


Serving Others

We need to honor and appreciate these men who risk their lives every day [First Responders, February 2023].

Beth Chapman | Via Facebook



Though the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had said in 2016 that the deadly 2013 fertilizer explosion in West was triggered by an intentionally set fire, other experts have since raised doubts about that finding [Rise Up West, April 2023].