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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

The Sweetest Sound in the World Is …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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The distant whistle of a passing train at night as I drift off to sleep.
Rick Sulik, Guadalupe Valley EC | Shiner

Horses munching hay in the quiet evening.
Robin Gray, San Bernard EC | Hockley

Silence. Nature is a close second.
Allen Jones | Via Facebook

Ocean waves gently hitting the shore.
Kathy O’Neal Prikryl | Via Facebook

A baby’s giggle.
Mona Tucker, Rusk County EC | Carthage

Rain falling on my tin roof porch.
Sue Nash, Deep East Texas EC | Etoile

The sound of a fishing reel’s drag going out fast.
Paul Spraggins | Via Facebook

The sound of all the electronics coming back to life after the power comes back on.
Kit Maybin | Via Facebook

My granddaughter giggling in my arms.
Rick Moscicki, HILCO EC | Midlothian

The coo of the mourning dove.
Teresa Eaton | Via Facebook

The voice of my husband of 60-plus years when he says, “I love you.”
Trish Skillman, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels

Kids reading to each other.
Sarah McBride-Fermaglich | Via Facebook

Any sound that still reaches these aging ears.
Kit Vaughn, Pedernales EC | Liberty Hill

Family singing together.
Lynne Tuttle Phillips | Via Facebook

My boyfriend saying, “I already made a pot of coffee.”
Terry Torres | Via Facebook

The ping of canning jar lids as they seal.
Charlotte Barnes, Heart of Texas EC | Waco

Fiddle or violin.
Emily Weber Babineaux | Via Facebook

The first time the one you love says, “I love you.”
Jenny Voigt, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

The soft sweet little chirps and trills a mama cat makes when she’s “talking” to her kittens.
Patricia McMahon Wilson | Via Facebook

The hum of my homemade ice cream maker’s motor.
Ross Schumann, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

A slow rain and the frogs croaking.
Kevin Schilling | Via Facebook

A twin Otter’s turbine engine starting in the early morning for our first skydive of the day.
Bill Grimm, Bandera EC | Boerne

My mother’s voice. I haven’t heard it since October 2007.
Diana Cline | Via Facebook

The bartender shaking my martini.
Anita Leone, CoServ | Flower Mound

“Mommy, I will always love you,” spoken by a frightened 2-year-old during a midnight thunderstorm. He’s a grown man now and still tells me those words.
Wanda Jenkins Holik | Via Facebook

My dogs’ slow breathing at night, assuring me that they’re rested.
LeAnn M. Holt, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

Hearing that my son tested negative after a tough couple of weeks with COVID-19.
Catalina Briones Rodriguez | Via Facebook

A baby laughing.
Donna Field, Bluebonnet EC | Giddings

Gospel songs, the old-time ones.
Neda Jumper | Via Facebook

Babies and children laughing.
Rachael Solly, Jasper-Newton EC | Bleakwood

Country music.
Janet Rodriguez | Via Facebook

Our grandson bursting through the door and hollering, “Hi, Nonnie. Hi, Poppa. I love y’all.”
Joe and Jameree Freeman, South Plains EC | Lubbock

Me still breathing.
Richard Fahringer | Via Facebook

Your husband telling you he loves you. My husband died in March this year after 55 years, 8 months, 12 days of marriage—and I miss him telling me that every day.
Davie Lee Giles, CoServ | McKinney

New guitar strings.
Joe Johnson | Via Facebook

The sound of my horse whinnying and running up to the fence when she hears or sees my truck.
Robin L. Hart, Tri-County EC | Perrin

Anything. Being able to hear anything is special.
Eletha McIntyre | Via Facebook

My granddaughter’s laughter.
Faith McDaniel, Houston County EC | Crockett

An autistic and completely nonverbal child abruptly telling his aunt “I love you” at age 3½, clear as day. His first spoken words.
Laura Calder Corker | Via Facebook

Songs by Kitty Wells coming up from the barn or my husband’s workshop. It lets me know all is well and he is a happy man.
Minnie Pesl, Bartlett EC | Rockdale

The precious voicemails of my 2-year-old granddaughter that I have saved for 10 years now.
Paula Marshall, Wood County EC | Grand Saline

Laughter because I know there is happiness about.
Darlene Williams, United Cooperative Services | Joshua

My disabled mother saying “I love you” every morning.
Cory Craft, Hamilton County EC | Lampasas

The national anthem when in a combat zone.
J. Davalos Jr., Pedernales EC | Fischer

“I’m home” as your soldier spouse/son/daughter comes through your front door.
Glenda Harrison, Deep East Texas EC | San Augustine

When my boys (20 and 23) say “I love you” to me.
Beth Boxwell, North Plains EC | Perryton

Someone I care about saying “I love you.”
Charlie Thomas, Navarro County EC | Corsicana

A baby goat crying for its mom.
Katherine Corcorran, Houston County EC | Midway

“Honey, I’m home.”
Brenda White, MidSouth EC | North Zulch

The voices of my grandchildren playing make-believe while playing outside.
Jana Blevins, Lamar Electric | Cooper

A loud clap of thunder during a drouth.
Randy Thormann, Tri-County EC | Lipan

Silence. Next to that, a room full of laughter.
Laura Standrowicz, Panola-Harrison EC | De Berry

The sound of my mother’s voice and laughter. My mother, 91, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. I haven’t heard her voice in five years. She does open her mouth to laugh (like an infant), but no sound.
Maria Flores-Magnon, San Patricio EC | Sandia

My boys praying.
Stephanie Strand, PenTex Energy | Gainesville

Hearing car doors slam, meaning Mom and Dad are home—the first time I was left home alone and it got dark outside.
Barbara Boyne, Pedernales EC | Lago Vista

My mother calling me and my little brother to supper when we were children.
Millie Kirchoff, Nueces EC | Orange Grove

Spoken words of knowledge from a child as they grow.
Tina Bruce, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

Listening to my mom hum as she was cooking over a hot stove for a family of seven.
Janis Janca, Fayette EC | La Grange

My grandchildren’s laughter.
Steve Willingham, Big Country EC | Rotan

Jane Patterson, Bowie-Cass EC | Texarkana

A baby’s laugh.
Larry Chreene, Farmers EC | Quinlan

The chirp of summer’s last cricket.
Brenda Breen, Greenbelt EC | Fritch

The belly laugh of a 2-year-old child.
Jim Thomson, Medina EC | Medina County

“Hi, Grandma.”
M.J. Schaer, Jackson EC | Blessing

A mockingbird singing his heart out at a graveside burial service.
William M. Russell, Lyntegar EC | Brownfield

A waterfall gently falling over rocks and green ferns in the middle of nowhere on Lake Buchanan.
Lisa Stuart-Jung, Victoria EC | Victoria

Kim Romskog, Trinity Valley EC | Mabank

The laughter of little children playing.
Juquita Self, Navasota Valley EC | Mexia

“You are going to make it.”
Dan Carabin, Central Texas EC | Comfort

The laughter of a baby or child.
Andrea Esparza, Karnes EC | Runge

Someone who loves you calling your name.
Raynell R. Glaser, Fannin County EC | Bonham

The singing of birds early in the morning.
Juanita Vento, Magic Valley EC | Santa Rosa