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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

If I Could Fly, I Would …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Finally take down all my Christmas lights.
William Martin, San Bernard EC | Waller

Never be stuck in traffic again.
Nancy Dabney, HILCO EC | Hillsboro

Really hope I wasn’t afraid of heights anymore.
Judi Raish, Tri-County EC | Granbury

Hope I could land.
Kenneth Brinson, Wise EC | Paradise

Not sit on power lines.
Terry Wolbrueck, Heart of Texas EC | Moffat

Fly to the moon.
Roslyn Foster | Via Facebook

Never walk again.
Dave Elliott, Pedernales EC | Austin

Never drive again.
Donna Elliott, Pedernales EC | Austin

Fly to the top of Mount Everest. What a view that would be.
Frances E. Jones | Via Facebook

Go to town more often.
Tommy Hoyler, United Cooperative Services | Hico

Go all over the world.
Nita Jo Palmer | Via Facebook

Fly over the Seven Wonders of the World to get a bird’s-eye view of the majestic scenery.
Mauricio Sustaita, South Plains EC | Lubbock

Go visit my home, Arizona.
Debbie Vincent Huddleston | Via Facebook

Fly like an eagle.
Kaye Lindsey, Bandera EC | Utopia

Go to Ireland.
Melissa Terry Huddleston | Via Facebook

Never land.
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

Fly all over East Texas.
Janna York Wood | Via Facebook

Fly first class.
Shari Shaw, Grayson-Collin EC | Fairview

I’d feel more grounded.
Daniel Elkins | Via Facebook

If I could fly, I would. The sentence is complete.
Bill Wilkins, Tri-County EC | Keller

Fly to heaven and see my mom, grandmother and Dakota.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

Go to the heavens and see my husband who died in his sleep in 2018. Just to spend one hour with him is all I want.
Nancy Tanner, Grayson-Collin EC | Sadler

Soar with the golden hawks on the spring breeze over my city.
Sylvia Griffin, Farmers EC | Wylie

Fly to heaven and give my mom and dad hugs. They have been gone too long, and I miss them every day.
Paula Long, Tri-County EC | Bridgeport

Avoid swatters.
Robert Reynolds, HILCO EC and Wood County EC | Midlothian

Do like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Karl Lee, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cibolo

Fly backward to see the things that I missed when I was too busy flying forward.
Mel Sepulveda, Tri-County EC | Keller

It’s already finished: If I could fly, I would.
Mary Henderson Harp, Taylor EC | Hawley

Fly into the heavens to visit my dad and other relatives and friends.
Cathy Lane, Guadalupe Valley EC | Kingsbury

Get to visit my family more.
Connie Davila, Nueces EC | Petronila

Fly to heaven to be with my wife, if only for one minute.
Rich Evans, Bryan Texas Utilities | Bryan

Kyle Perello, CoServ | Frisco

Take a camera and outdo Google Earth.
Marc Sefcik, Bluebonnet EC | Caldwell

Be in heaven before lunch.
Donalie Beltran, CECA | May

Know how a scuba diver feels in the water.
Bill Landis, Magic Valley EC | Harlingen

Fly up to heaven and give my mama and daddy a hug.
Marsha Pugh, Sam Houston EC | Goodrich

Fly over all the horrific traffic in Austin.
Jackie Sternat, Pedernales EC | Round Rock

Find a thermal and make my way to the Grand Canyon.
Laurie Smith, Jasper-Newton EC | Kirbyville

Fly to heaven and hug my parents just one more time.
Sarah Lopez, Navasota Valley EC | Teague

Be a most unusual person.
Thelma Doppelhammer, Bluebonnet EC | Brenham

End it with a period. Kind of finishes itself.
Connie Singleton Perry, Navarro County EC | Ennis

Fly up to heaven to say hi to my mom and dad.
Dremma Haywood, Farmers EC | Lone Oak

Be so high I’d need psychedelic feathers.
Terry Brendle-Barkley, United Cooperative Services | Alvarado

Soar like an eagle above the clouds toward heaven so that I could visit my husband one more time.
Irene Goins, Sam Houston EC | Livingston

Sit in a tall oak tree and sing to the stars.
Debbie Parker, Central Texas EC | Mountain Home

Visit the Seven Wonders of the World in a day, assuming my flying apparatus has turbo.
Sherry Lane, MidSouth EC | Huntsville

Sprinkle fairy dust to cure cancer.
Irma Smithwick, Nueces EC | Robstown

Rather be invisible.
Terry Hahn, PenTex Energy | Tioga

Fly up to heaven to get that last hug I missed from my husband.
Rita A. Hutzler, Bandera EC | Sabinal

Cruise over Navarro Mills in Navarro County. My people.
Charlotte Larson, Grayson-Collin EC | Celina

I would not be running.
Dennis Rowan, Trinity Valley EC | Eustace