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Finish This Sentence

Rainy Days Make Me …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Get in the kitchen and make soup or dumplings and do some baking.
Elaine Garner | Via Facebook

Want to curl up with a cozy blanket and a good book.
Margie Hargrove, Bowie-Cass EC | Daingerfield

Glad I’m retired from delivering mail so I can sit on my porch and enjoy it.
Tanis Williams, Wood County EC | Fruitvale

Want to make oatmeal, hot cocoa, tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Kimberley Bailey Riggs | Via Facebook

Remember when it was dry and I promised not to curse rainy days.
Mark Browning, Sam Houston EC | Goodrich

Think of the monsoons in 1967 when I was stationed in Vietnam and dreaming of home one day.
Billy Paddie, Deep East Texas EC | Center

Hopeful that we get enough to help our drought conditions.
Glenn Quesenberry, Hamilton County EC | Hico

Want to hibernate.
Penny Haulman, Tri-County EC | Granbury

Want to dance and sing in the rain.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

Very happy—as well as all the animals and plants that need it.
Kathy L’Huillier, Bandera EC | Comfort

Anne Seidensticker | Via Facebook

Want to grab a good book, a cup of international coffee and a lap rug.
Charlotte Larson, Grayson-Collin EC | Celina

Sad and bored.
Alice Thies | Via Facebook

Glad I am working inside.
Janis Janca, Fayette EC | La Grange

David Roye | Via Facebook

Feel good. Water brings peace.
Vickie Cole, Sam Houston EC | Tarkington

Larry Havel | Via Facebook

Yearn for more rainy days.
Kay Bradshaw Holland, Concho Valley EC | San Angelo

Do the happy dance.
Linda Westerfield | Via Facebook

Reminisce about my youth with the soothing effect of rain falling on my bedroom’s tin roof.
Dan Balzer, Guadalupe Valley EC | Yoakum

Thankful. Farms always need rain.
Felicia Hardesty Stanfield | Via Facebook

Want to stay in my pajamas all day, eat popcorn and binge-watch a Netflix series.
Julie Grall, United Cooperative Services | Joshua

Smile. It brings to mind really beautiful memories. Liquid sunshine!
Linda Cotter | Via Facebook

Think of playing with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.
VickiJo Brozovic, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Hike in the mud. Life is better outside.
Pat Watters | Via Facebook

Pull out all the barrels and buckets to catch it to water my garden in the days ahead.
Priscilla Samaniego, Tri-County EC | Colleyville

Linda Brown | Via Facebook

Want to bake cakes, cookies, pies and bread—and eat them too!
Laurel Herzog, Bartlett EC | Thorndale

Sleep the best ever, especially when there’s thunder and lightning.
Nama Beadman | Via Facebook


Wish I was catching the rainwater running from the tin roof into my grandpa’s cistern and us sharing the dipper.
Aletha Moyers, Big Country EC | Roby

Drink, but hell, sunshine does too.
Pete White | Via Facebook

Fix a pot of soup.
Vanessa Goodwyn, Trinity Valley EC | Montalba

Happy as long as it’s not freezing.
Estella Rowan | Via Facebook

Want to stay home in my jammies.
Vicky Dudley, Deep East Texas EC | Nacogdoches

Eat, eat and eat.
Linda Jones | Via Facebook

Happy, happy, happy.
Judy Coates | Via Facebook

Thankful for good drivers if I’m on the road and thankful for electricity if I’m homebound.
Betty Strawther, MidSouth EC | North Zulch

Wanna stay in bed.
Mary Elaine Hagedorn | Via Facebook

Want to sit next to a fireplace and read an exciting book.
Roland Contreras, Bluebonnet EC | Burton

Sylvia Howell | Via Facebook

Want to watch old John Wayne movies.
Joanne Coulter, Bandera EC | Kerrville

Thomas Townsend | Via Facebook

Want to go outside and dance in it.
Denise Willis, Jasper-Newton EC | Jasper

Happy; I love thunderstorms.
Glenda McCleskey | Via Facebook

Want to escape to my craft room to sew and quilt.
Kitty Whitmire, Jasper-Newton EC | Kirbyville

Just stay inside and chill all day by myself and watch movies on my phone and be alone.
Jeannette Payne | Via Facebook

Want to bake cookies or get on my boots and splash in water holes. (Old childhood memories live on.)
Ethel Hill Gallant, Houston County EC | Kennard

Feel calm and quiet.
Carla Clinton Reavis | Via Facebook

Happy for my trees.
Linda Harward, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Grumpy, unless it’s in the heat of July when clouds and rain bring the temps down.
Ann Williams | Via Facebook

Sad because I know my solar panels won’t generate enough electricity to power our house.
Aaron Codispoti, Pedernales EC | Meadowlakes

Slow down and practice much needed self-care.
Tina Marie | Via Facebook

Curl up on the love seat with hot chocolate, my three dogs and oatmeal cookies to share.
Micheal Lowry, HILCO EC | Whitney

Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down.
Robert Vaughn | Via Facebook

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. RIP Karen Carpenter.
Terry Garcia | Via Facebook

Thankful I am not homeless.
Michelle Myhro, Bartlett EC | Jarrell

Go sit on the porch and watch.
Barbara Underwood | Via Facebook

I go to mom and then we snuggle. (What my 7-year-old wrote in response to a similar question at school.)
Nate Werdenberg, Lyntegar EC | Seminole

Build an ark when it’s a gully washer for more than a day in South Texas.
Carol Johnson | Via Facebook

Skip around the house excited that I get to wear my rainbow-colored, polka-dotted rain boots.
Laurie Miller, Pedernales EC | Cedar Park

Lora Horton | Via Facebook

Want to sit quietly on the porch and listen to the sound of raindrops falling on the ground.
Swati Mittal, Farmers EC | Murphy

Betty Schwene | Via Facebook

Ecstatic, because we live on rainwater catchment.
Susan Biggs, Bandera EC | Center Point

Christopher O’Dania | Via Facebook

Really grateful we have Mother Nature helping us.
Raymond C. Sherman, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cibolo

Susan Yown Roberts | Via Facebook

Want to sit in front of the fireplace eating ice cream.
Susan Faubion, Heart of Texas EC | China Spring

Charlyne Smith | Via Facebook

Want to sleep all day.
Elaine Spence, Wood County EC | Lindale

Billy Thompson | Via Facebook

Want to grab my largest umbrella and go for my daily walk, only this time to enjoy the great smell of the outdoors and inhale the really fresh air.
Rosalie McAndrew, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Beverly Tobias | Via Facebook

Want to pop popcorn. Raised on a farm in Cherokee County, one of the few days we had for inside family fun were rainy days. My father, Armen Darby, a member of the board of directors of Cherokee County Electric for over 30 years, liked to pop corn on a rainy winter late afternoon. It served as supper that day with a Coca-Cola. Mother liked it because it was a meal Daddy cooked! I enjoyed that tradition this past rainy week—good memories.
Elaine Beal, Cherokee County EC | Troup

Cindy Frazier | Via Facebook

Sit on the porch and watch our ducks eat raindrops. They cock their heads back and let rain fall into their bills.
Norah Stuart, Tri-County EC | Lipan

Want gumbo and chili and sweets.
Louise R. Moultrie | Via Facebook

Think of my wonderful trip to London, France and Belgium—land of my forefathers.
Leona van de Velde, Pedernales EC | Blanco

Makes me want to drag my wife back to bed for a little cuddle.
Jerry McKenney | Via Facebook

Georgia Gaiser | Via Facebook

Gain weight and watch more TV.
Jim Geary | Via Facebook

Have the blahs.
Brenda Schickedanz | Via Facebook

Relax. It’s Mother Nature’s equivalent to a doctor’s note for the P.E. teacher.
Lori Kramer | Via Facebook

Thomas Eudy | Via Facebook