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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Ants in Your Plants

I discovered hundreds of sundew plants growing in my backyard in Kountze [Caught Cuisine, February 2023]. Let’s just say I had no problem with ants in my yard!

Edward Rowland, CECA | Eastland County


Carrying On

It’s heartwarming to know that 95% of her will be recycled and that her armor will be incorporated into a new U.S. ship [Breaking Up, February 2023].

David Hurley | Via Facebook


My first carrier landing in an A-7 Corsair aboard the USS Kitty Hawk was in November 1968, and my last landing after 130 combat missions in Southeast Asia was August 16, 1969. There’s nothing like your first carrier deployment, especially if it’s to a combat zone.

Mike Scott, Tri-County EC | Granbury


Reader Randy Carroll shows off his catch in the shadow of the USS Kitty Hawk along the Houston Ship Channel.

Courtesy Randy Carroll

We just booked a guided trip through the ship channel [above]. Our guide told us a few things about the retired carrier, but you filled in all the blanks.

Randy Carroll, Wood County EC | Winnsboro


Honoring the 442nd

My parents—U.S. citizens—were among those who lost their assets and possessions when all those of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast were ordered into internment camps without due process and without any evidence of a crime [Rescue of the Lost Battalion, February 2023].

Two of my uncles served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Thank you for remembering the loyalty, valor and tremendous sacrifice of the Japanese Americans of the 442nd.

Jeanne Makihara, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cibolo


Indianola Relocated

After the destruction of Indianola by hurricanes and subsequent fires, many of the homes were dismantled and moved to nearby Cuero and Victoria for a safer location [Important Entry, February 2023]. A search of the internet reveals addresses where visitors can see these old homes in a restored setting.

Jeri Porter, Pedernales EC | Fischer